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James White
From this Position

Exhibition duration: October 10 – November 9, 2013 

Gerhardsen Gerner Oslo is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Norway of British artist James White (born 1967, Devon).  

With From this Position White exhibits a selection of new paintings on aluminium panels and acrylic sheets as well as a series of eight
photographs with collaged aluminium tape. White’s works characteristically continue the archiving of the minutiae of modern everyday life: 
an alignment of empty lockers; a glass of water next to a sink; a set of cleaning products on a window sill; a ladder in a hallway, the toilet
ceiling in an airplane or a silver balloon that has floated to the ceiling among other motifs. Each image offers the possibility of an extension
of the space which also reflects a strong understanding of the role of the photograph; the arbitrary cuttings, cropping, and breaking of image, 
that became a constant feature for contemporary visual language. The unpainted strip of the aluminium or acrylic sheet left at the base of
each painting underlines the photographic image rendered more or less emphatic, continual, real, by the materiality of paint.  

A new group of photographs titled Trajectories are presented for the first time at Gerhardsen Gerner and seem to indicate a departure and
development of the artist. At first glance the slim single strip of an aluminium tape collaged on each photograph almost appears as a flying
object randomly thrown into the space. After closer inspection the strip seems to correspond with both, the architecture within the image and
also with the aluminium substrate of the larger paintings. 

White’s scenes in general, first connected to photography, later become translated with meticulous precision into monochrome paintings. 
This extensive concentration on the motif ultimately enables other, multi-layered perspectives. The artist quietly contemplates the overlooked
but as well as focusing his gaze on the beauty found in the banality of things, he instills an empty loneliness – a nostalgic black and white
desolation. These intimate groupings of objects form the evidence of a life being lived and with each work, James White marks the passage
of time.  

James White lives and works in London. His works have been shown in internationally renowned institutions including gallery shows such as
Sean Kelly Gallery, New York, the Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide; Tim Sheward Projects, London; Kunsthal Rotterdam, Rotterdam;
Kunsthalle der Hypo Kulturstiftung, Munich; the Kunsthalle Emden; The Saatchi Gallery, London; Neues Museum Weserburg, Bremen; the
ICA Institute for Contemporary Art, London and the Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas.

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